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Foundation Stage – Reception

All early years providers must complete an EYFS profile for each child in the final term of the year in which they turn 5. For most children this is the reception year in primary school.

The main purpose is to provide an accurate assessment of individual children at the end of the EYFS. The profile describes each child’s attainment against early learning goals, together with a short narrative about their learning characteristics

How we assess your child’s development

During the reception year, the children work within developmental age bands.  If a child is aged 5, they would generally be expected to work within the 40-60 month age band.  A child who is 4 would be 48 months and they would possibly be working within the 30-50 month age band.  The children often spend a large proportion of the year within the same age band, and this is completely acceptable as the bands are so broad.

Please click on the link below to see some more information about the curriculum that the children in nursery and reception follow:


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