School Rules

We believe that pupils perform better when the home and school and the pupils work together in partnership. With this in mind, we ask that all parents/carers sign up to the home/school agreement on an annual basis.

To achieve our aims and support our ‘home, school & pupil agreement,’ the school will strive to:

  •  Provide a friendly welcome to our pupils and a secure, stimulating Christian environment in which every child is valued for who they are
  • Support and challenge pupils to achieve their full potential
  • Provide a balanced, stimulating and differentiated curriculum
  • Ensure that the health & well-being of all pupils at school is an uncompromising priority
  • Set aspirational targets for our pupils to achieve
  • Keep parents/carers regularly informed of their child’s progress through meetings, reports and letters home
  • Keep parents/carers involved with the wider aspects of school life and encourage participation through Family Learning activities
  • Ensure that the building is warm, welcoming, clean and safe
  • Give special help and support to pupils and families as and when required
  • Listen and respond to the views of pupils and parents/carers
  • Set and mark homework regularly

Parents/Carers are expected to:

  •  Support the Christian values of St Brigid’s School and the parish community
  • Ensure that their child arrives at school on time everyday
  • Ensure that their child attends school regularly
  • Ensure that their child is equipped for the day’s work (eg PE kit, reading book and record)
  • Support our Good Behaviour Policy
  • Support our Uniform Policy (including, removing earrings and providing black shoes and indoor pumps for their child)
  • Create the best possible conditions for homework and encourage their child to read for at least 5 minutes on a daily basis
  • Regularly attend meetings that involve their child     

As a pupil of St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School, I will:

  •  Always try do my best
  • Help myself to achieve all that I am capable of by listening to and acting upon advice
  • Read something every day
  • Learn my times tables / number bonds
  • Be punctual
  • Look after our school and each other
  • Wear our school uniform with pride
  • Be the best that I can be and use my talents to the full
  • Always behave in a responsible, Christian manner
  • Be kind, caring and treat others with respect

For a copy of the Home/School Agreement, please click the link below:


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